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Looking for dedicated server reviews? It can be difficult to find reviews that discuss dedicated servers in depth, especially from sources that are reliable. Dedicated servers make up a relatively small part of the hosting market; many enterprise-class customers that use these services are barred from discussing them in detail due to corporate procedures and regulations.

Other webmasters who use dedicated servers might be more forthcoming, but they still tend to have concerns about discussing their setups in too much detail thanks to privacy and security issues. All these matters taken together make it harder for you to find reviews that will really add to your understanding.

How can you figure out just how well a dedicated server host can meet your needs?

DedicatedHostingWhen looking for reviews, try these ideas:

1) Look for Recent Information
Dedicated server hosts are constantly changing their base configurations, pricing and other details to be more competitive. This being the case, it’s important to make sure that your information is timely. Anything older than a year may not be useful to you.

2) Reviews from the Same Server Farm Can Be More Valuable
Many dedicated server hosts allow you to make your own choice about the physical location of your server. The location of your server will have a huge impact on load times and may also influence the time it takes for technical issues to be resolved. Prioritize reviews that use the same location.

3) Reviews Using the Same Operating System Can Be More Valuable
More dedicated server hosts are offering a wide variety of operating system selections, including esoteric varieties of Linux and Windows. Generally speaking, the more similar the reviewer’s configuration is to your own, the more applicable their insights will be.

4) Ask Questions When Talking to Reviewers
People are more likely to share negative experiences online than positive ones. In either case, though, they might simply forget things that could be valuable to you. Be ready to ask specific questions about any review, such as the quality of tech support or billing.

5) On Forums, Take Questions to Private Message
Many people who post online will be more forthcoming if you talk to them “in private” through a direct message. They may also be more likely to reply promptly, since users are more likely to get email notifications this way than if you reply directly to a post.

Quick Reviews for Top Dedicated Server Hosts

We’ve had the opportunity to test and review a variety of different hosts. This is, by far, not an exhaustive list: You can find other options and complete reviews elsewhere on our site. If you are new to dedicated hosting, however, it’s a good idea to get started with these trusted options.


Interserver’s dedicated hosting prices begin at $59. Interserver is widely known for its VPS service, but it has made a huge impact on the dedicated hosting market as well. It stands out for its low prices and excellent technical support, often resolving problems within just minutes.

Hosting Source

Getting a basic dedicated server from Hosting Source costs $89 a month. You can enjoy great discounts if you pay for your dedicated server up to two years in advance. Hosting Source offers a wide range of both Windows and Linux operating systems, making it perfect for those who need a special configuration.

Server Pronto

A Server Pronto dedicated server setup starts at $49.95 a month, putting this brand just ahead of Interserver. One of the biggest advantages of Server Pronto is the guarantee of 100 percent site availability in its Service Level Agreement.

Last Pieces of Advice for Selecting Your Own Dedicated Server Package

Although we’ve discussed the details of choosing between dedicated servers in detail before, one piece of advice stands out above all the rest: Look for a service that provides you with a money-back guarantee. Some services offer a week-long trial period; others provide a full month.

This “try it before you buy it” time will allow you to get down to the work of seeing how your site performs on a given server. Naturally, you should do your research and consult reviews before you make a choice, but there’s nothing quite as valuable as first-hand experience.

If you’re porting an established site to a dedicated server, you probably can’t afford the service hiccups that will happen while you test multiple dedicated servers. On the other hand, if you’re setting up something new, this can bring you useful insights, especially if you’re tech-savvy.

Many of the reviews out there for dedicated servers are updated on a monthly basis so potential customers can see how the service stands up over time. If you try out a new dedicated server host, consider documenting your own findings this way. Thousands of other users could be helped thanks to your investment of a few minutes.

After all, getting to the bottom of which dedicated server host will work for you depends on timely facts about each service. There’s really no better source for that kind of data than yourself, a new customer with specific goals when it comes to dedicated hosts!

No matter what service you choose, remember that you always have more options if things aren’t to your liking — and many services will port your site to your new server for free.

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